About me!



My name is Billye Silander and I am a senior at Allen High School. Over the years I’ve been inspired by clean, healthy living. Seeing how much this has changed both my family and myself, I decided to share my knowledge with others. The director of my drill team and I created a new position of leadership for the team this year, the “Demeter”, nutritionist and trainer. My duties include: presenting weekly lessons over nutritional aspects and pushing the girls through intense workouts to keep them fit. I have observed awe-inspiring adjustments in how the team feels about healthy living , which only motivates me to do more! I hope to leave my mark on all of you too! Tune in every week to find new delicious, nutritious recipes and tips on how to develop a strong, healthy figure. I want you to have a beautiful Body by Billye!

All it takes is dedication, determination and discipline.

Much love, Billye



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