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Hey! I hope everyone’s enjoying this awesome weather!

I have noticed that a lot of us are trying to eat healthier, either by trying some of my recipes, or making healthy lunches for school. Good job, keep it up! However, many of us have trouble resisting temptation. For example, say you come to school with a healthy packed lunch that you know will fill you up, but in walks a friend offering homemade chocolate chip cookies. You have two options. One, take the cookie, eat it, and ruin your healthy lunch. Two, say no thanks, eat your healthy lunch and pat yourself on the back, you did it.

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I had the hardest time declining foods offered to me. But over the last six months, I have learned to love and appreciate my new found lifestyle. Not only do I feel better and look better, I am happy! There are natural, yummy ways to satisfy your sweet tooth! Fruits, raw dark chocolate, cinnamon, agave (natural honey), etc. I found the perfect guilt free treat! And its EASY to make! Banana ice cream! You can use any other fruit instead of banana! Read the directions and ingredients in the picture below!

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If you are having trouble sustaining a healthy lifestyle, I’ve been there (always craving unhealthy foods).  I have found that during the week it is easier to stay on course with eating healthy, so make Saturday your splurge day.


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